If you are a semi-professional dancer or a dance student with extensive experience in ballet dancing then you should consider joining Kala Nartan. We are also interested in talking to videographers who have expertise in shooting music videos and films. We would like to invite ballet dancers, choreographers and video professionals to talk to us about working together on a freelance basis to produce quality work for our company.

We welcome your inquiries from interested individuals. Please send a short resume or a cover letter. Include your background information and past experience in any one of the following areas. All qualified individuals will be contacted for further discussions.

Ballet Dance Masters

Interested in choreographing your own work with a touch of new style? At Kala Nartan, you will have the opportunity to work with highly motivated dancers. Create your own choreography. Design your own work. Train the dancers. Enjoy a unique working environment where your talent will always be recognized and respected. Take the next step: Please contact us with your information and we will reply back to you.

Ballet Dancers

Experience a new world of dancing. Expand your portfolio of work. Learn new choreography. Learn new music, new culture and a unique style of dancing not taught in your typical ballet schools. At Kala Nartan, you will have an opportunity to redefine ballet and contemporary dance forms by working with dance directors who are on a mission to create new works. It will be a beginning of a new journey into an exotic world you’ve never experienced before. We are currently interested in talking to ballet/jazz/contemporary dancers interested in performing dances on camera. Bring a friend if you like to work together. Opportunities for live performances and travel may be available in the future.

Ballet Dancers

Videographers with expertise in handling camera and all other filming equipment as may be necessary are welcome to contact us. Enjoy the opportunity to do shoots on location, not just indoor shoots in an auditorium. We are seeking videographers with music video recording experience. If you have good camera skills and have done short films, then talk to us. Although music video expertise is not a “must have” prerequisite, please provide a short description of your past experience. Also provide a detailed inventory list of the equipment you have available. Links to past recording samples are appreciated.

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