The music will captivate you


At Kala Nartan, we will predominantly use Indian background music and songs to perform our dances. Indian music comes in various styles including: Hindustani Classical, Gazals, Qawwali, Devotional, Film songs, Carnatic music and many other styles. Our songs will generally be slow to medium tempo songs that are suitable for contemporary ballet and modern dance styles.



Gazals are beautiful poetries converted into songs performed to rhythm and melodies. A gazal could be an expression of sorrow and pain or it could be an expression of joy and love. Often there is an element of oxymoron in the gazals where the words express contradictory emotions (the joy of rejection). A male lover could express happiness in realizing that his object of affection acknowledged his existence by explicitly rejecting him as opposed to neglecting him altogether. Such poetries are not uncommon in the gazals.


Gazals are popular in South Asia, Iran and other parts of the middle-east. In India the gazals are predominantly sung in Hindi and Urdu. Although Urdu and Hindi languages sound similar, their vocabulary is very different. Nonetheless, Gazals are enjoyed by listeners in India and Pakistan alike.


Film Songs

Younger generation of India enjoys film music as much as they enjoy world music or semi-classical music. Filmy music, as it’s known in India, is composed in many different languages. Oscar award winner A.R. Rehman is a very popular music composer in contemporary India.

Performing modern dances to film music is a tradition in India. Many film producers in India rely on music and songs to popularize their movies. Contemporary Ballet can be adapted to suit the Indian film songs when done appropriately. At Kala Nartan we will dedicate our creative resources to produce the highest forms of contemporary and ballet dances for the Indian audiences around the world.

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