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For Investors and Funding Sources

Art is much underappreciated in our communities today. Much of the art world relies on grants and sponsors to sustain profits over long run. Kala Nartan would like to invite new investors to consider this opportunity to invest in our company to make this project a resounding success around the world.

Our company will be a leader in producing quality entertainment programming not just for the mass media but also for on-line sales and live performances in many parts of the world. We intend to create new dance repertory that will redefine the dance and music world as it exists today. Our intention is to focus our efforts in bringing new forms of dance into main stream Indian markets to bring new viewership to Television and consumers of entertainment.

We have an exceptional group of people who are highly motivated to create this wonderful art for the viewers. We will continue to recruit new talent and instructors to produce the highest quality of family entertainment that is suitable for viewers of all ages around the world.

We invite you to discuss possible investment opportunities at Kala Nartan. We are looking for investors who would like to become a part of our dynamic organization by participating in this exciting opportunity where the potential for upside is huge. We are offering free merchandise and exclusive pre-release copies of our programming to all investors who wish to invest in our company. We will also offer unreleased copies of dance material for your exclusive enjoyment and invite you to connect with our talented performers at a future date when we celebrate the success of our “arrival” in the entertainment world.

If you would like to review our executive summary or if you have any further questions about our offering, then kindly contact us for further information. One of the business partners from Kala Nartan will be in contact with you very shortly once your contact request is received.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Please feel free to browse around and visit us often. Your comments and feedback are most welcome. We look forward to serving you in the very near future.