About Us

About Us


What is Kala Nartan? Kala Nartan Dance Company is dedicated to bringing quality dance performances to the people of India and the people world over who enjoy Indian music as well as the world’s most popular dance forms. It is our plan to introduce ballet dance to the Indian audiences. This is an unprecedented opportunity to introduce new art form to the Indian people who have never watched western dance forms on a regular basis.

Kala Nartan Dance Company, USA will provide aspiring dancers with a comfortable, friendly environment in which to perform dancing at professional level. Our focus will be to deliver dance performances to the people in India and around the world, either via pre-recorded video performances or through live performances.

Dance as a form of entertainment is an untapped opportunity that has huge potential and a wide appeal. Kala Nartan Dance will appeal to a wide range of people in India who have never really been exposed to western form of ballet, jazz, ballroom, tango or modern dance forms.

Company Objectives

  • Create a dance company for semi-professional and professional experienced dancers with a warm, supportive atmosphere.
  • Provide high quality entertainment to Indian viewers and to global viewers with interest in Indian music.  
  • Provide unique career opportunities for dancers and dance masters.
  • Introduce Indian music and culture to dancers and choreographers.
  • Provide dance training to prepare dancers for professional quality live performances or on-camera recorded performances.
  • Provide continual training, benefits and incentives for staff to encourage a long-term commitment of employees.
Mission: Kala Nartan Dance Co. will be a premiere entertainment company that produces professional quality dance performances for broadcast on TV and for DVD sale or on-line sale. Kala Nartan will be a place where dancers can learn about Indian culture and music and then integrate it into their dance routines. This company will train dancers to go in front of camera or in front of live audiences to perform to Indian music.

At Kala Nartan we are dedicated to bringing quality entertainment products to our patrons and our community of supporters with total enthusiasm. We appreciate our supporters for the opportunity to serve them. Our core competency is production of creative performance art by talented dancers. Art is an essential component that a community needs. Today we live in a globalized world where an art form can be enjoyed by people all over the world with access to television and internet. We will introduce this art form to remote parts of the world, mainly India, where people may not be familiar with such art.

At the core of our belief system is the fundamental business value: Total Customer Delight. We are in the business of delighting our viewers with dazzling dance performances. We understand that the viewers want us to produce the highest quality of performances that are otherwise not available to them in their communities. Our goal will be to bring world class talent and performance into the viewer’s living rooms by introducing them to an art form that is best enjoyed through eyes and ears ant not through verbose description alone.  

Kala Nartan will always adhere to the highest ethical standards. Honesty and integrity are two of the most important values that should never be compromised in any arenas of our lives.

We strongly believe that by pursuing the time honored commitment to integrity we will achieve our business goals while making our fans and consumers happy. We also believe in adhering to the principle of continuous improvement. We have always believed that any product or service can be improved continuously as we learn and gain experience in our business.


  •  Total Customer Delight.
  • Respect for all people.
  • Commitment to service.
  • Long Term Focus.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Quality products.
  • Employee satisfaction.


  • Kala Nartan will strive to provide high quality of dance performance to our viewers.
  • Kala Nartan will intensely focus its efforts on satisfying its viewers with high quality dance performance.
  • We will focus our efforts to enhance the quality of work experience of the community of creative performers by giving them the freedom, respect and Training to enhance the  their work experience in our organization.
  • All persons representing Kala Nartan will adhere to the highest degree of ethical standards.
  • Kala Nartan will always remain a responsible neighbor to the community in which it operates its businesses.

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